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I saw Dr Bala for cataracts and dry eyes. I’ve been having blurred vision and irritation, and never feel like the doctors I’ve gone to spend time explaining anything like Dr Bala does. I had very bad astigmatism. She was extremely thorough and has a kind smile and nice demeanor. She is clearly very competent and is an expert in dry eyes. She offered treatments that many others I have seen have not, and my eyes feel much better. I never have to wait too long and if I do, it’s worth the wait and the drive to see her. I’m planning my second eye cataract surgery and could not be happier with my astigmatism correction and vision. My eyes and vision mean everything, so if you want the best, see Dr Bala!

Heather Rio NP

I was told that I had cataracts, and was lucky to see Dr. Bala. She explained that I also had glaucoma, and took the time to teach me about my eye conditions. She is new to the area, and did her training at Mayo Clinic and is clearly very knowledgeable. I decided to go ahead with cataract and glaucoma surgery to help my long term vision. I was very happy with the experience and the time she took to get to know me... (compared to my other doctor experiences which always feel rushed). Her technician also took time to call me and explain my appointments as well. I am now seeing better and happy with my vision and will continue to see Dr. Bala for my eye care!

Maria W

After receiving a glowing referral to Dr. Bala from my long time Neuro Opthamologist, I made an appointment for cataract consultation. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Bala and her nurse Cindy as being genuinely kind and extremely knowledgeable. As my cataracts progressed, my vision worsened to the point of scheduling cataract surgery. Nov 16, Dr Bala operated on my most compromised eye. The cataract was much worse than expected; but Dr Bala did everything possible to calm my anxiety and ease my discomfort. My next day follow up appointment garnered results of 20/20 vision!
In a few weeks, my other eye will have its cataract removed. My strict regime of daily multi prescription eye drops is well worth restored vision! Absolutely LOVE Dr. Bala and Cindy! ❤️

Shelley Silver

Dr. Bala is wonderful! After seeing several doctors in Indonesia we were referred to Dr. Bala by NVision Center for my Father-in-law’s progressive glaucoma condition. We are ever grateful. She is patient & extremely thorough in her explanation to help us understand his glaucoma disease. She walked us through the possible treatment plan progression. She emailed colleagues to help us find a good glaucoma specialist in Indonesia that would be able to follow-up and perform any procedures my Father would need. Dr. Bala even worked with us to find a cost effective drop regiment that worked for my FIL. Cindy, her office/nurse was so helpful in all the appointment scheduling, returning calls and sending prescriptions that we needed. I highly recommend Dr. Bala & her office whole heartedly!

BodyAligned PT



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